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Ukulele Simon is an ukulele player, live performer and youtuber from Norwich, UK.  His signature style uses effects, looping, beatbox and anything unconventional to push the limits of what the ukulele can do.

After years of playing the drums and guitar, Simon came to the ukulele in his 20s and used it to build a strong foundation touring across the UK. Alongside this he works as a lecturer in music with Access Creative College.

In 2018, he started posting on Instagram, and quickly built over 10,000 followers on the platform. This gave him the opportunity to perform at numerous acclaimed ukulele festivals (including GNUF and The Ukulele Festival Of Scotland) as well as becoming an endorsee of Flight Ukuleles.

Simon is now focussing on creating regular content to help inspire more people to do weird stuff with their ukuleles.

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